Tips for Travelling Without Speaking the Language

Is there a country you plan to visit, but you are afraid that you may not enjoy it due to language barriers? Well, never let the fact that you cannot speak a language stop you from exploring the world. You can still have fun if you master the right tips.

The Tips

  • Use hand gestures: There is some universality in how humans communicate through hand gestures. If you are stranded and you need help, use hand gestures or draw what you want on a piece of paper. It may look ridiculous at first, but it helps.
  • Learn the basics: Learning a language may not be easy if you are an adult. However, learning the basics, such as greetings and making requests is necessary. Listen to audios, read books and find articles online before you leave for your trip.
  • Interact with the locals: The best way to learn a language is by interacting with the people who speak it. When you are travelling, go to places like markets where you will learn how to speak and pronounce words.
  • Download translation apps: Your mobile phone is your best friend when you are travelling to a country where you do not speak the language. Research apps that will help you with translations. Some of them even allow you to say the words and they will translate them for you.
  • Focus on activities: Do not put pressure on the fact that you do not speak the language. Pack your itinerary with fun activities that will keep you happy and avoid wondering if you are missing out on something simply because you do not speak the language.
  • Memorise your address: To remain safe and avoid getting lost, you should always have the address of the place where you are staying, so that if you do wander off, you are able to find your way home.